Steering Committee

Kings of Wall Street

Dr Peter Knight

University of Manchester

Principal Investigator on the Network. Senior lecturer in American Studies. Author of two monographs and editor of two collections on conspiracy theories as a form of pop sociology. Current research extends this interest in folk epistemologies through an analysis of popular understandings of economics and the market in late nineteenth-century America.

Dr Marina Moskowitz

University of Glasgow

Reader in American History. Associate member of Glasgow’s Centre for Business History. Cultural historian of nineteenth- and twentieth-century America, with a particular focus on business history, market cultures, and the exchange of goods; author of a cultural history of the notion of the standard of living and the American middle class; grant holder for an ESRC project on the seed trade in the nineteenth-century United States; a trustee of the Business History Society in the US.

Dr Christopher McKenna

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Reader in Business History and Strategy. Programme Head (Reputation & Strategy) of the Oxford Centre on Corporate Reputation. Expert on the historical development of professional firms; first book on the growth of the elite management consulting firms, The World’s Newest Profession, was awarded the 2004-2006 Newcomen-Harvard Book Award by the Business History Review and the 2007 Hagley Prize by the Business History Conference; current book project on the international history of white collar crime from the eighteenth century to the present; serves on the editorial boards of Organizational & Management History, Enterprise & Society and the Journal of American Studies; an elected trustee of the Management History Research Group, the Association of Business Historians, and the Business History Conference.

Professor Sven Beckert

Harvard University

Professor of American History. Author of The Monied Metropolis: New York City and the Consolidation of the American Bourgeoisie (2001); interested in transnational perspectives on United States history; currently at work on a global history of cotton; founding co-director of the Workshop on Political Economy at Harvard, that brings together faculty and graduate students to study the political economy of capitalism.

Prof. Brook Thomas

University of California, Irvine

Professor of English. Made significant contributions to the development of new historicist approaches to nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, especially the relationship between law, literature and business in works such as American Literary Realism and the Failed Promise of Contract (1997).

Prof. Julia Ott

Eugene Lang College, New School for Social Research, New York

Assistant Professor of History. Co-organiser of the Market Cultures research network in New York. Author of When Wall Street Met Main Street, 1890-1932 (forthcoming), a study of how in the first quarter of the twentieth century Americans stopped regarding Wall Street as an instrument of unaccountable elite power and came to see share ownership as a democratic duty.


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