Project Overview

The Culture of the Market Network

Edwin Lefevre, "The Break in Turpentine"

This AHRC-funded network running 2009-11 will bring together scholars from various disciplines (literary studies, history, business and management studies, geography, sociology, anthropology) to explore the cultural dimensions of market capitalism. The focus is primarily on the long nineteenth century in the US, but the network seeks to develop comparative insights from other regions and periods—most obviously, the current crisis. The network will organise four two-day symposia. There will be 12-15 speakers at each event, with room for c. 25-30 participants altogether. There will be limited travel and accommodation funding for core participants, and some bursaries for PhD students. Some of the papers will be delivered by videoconference, with selections from each event available by podcast.

See the project website for full details.

For further information contact: Dr Peter Knight, American Studies, University of Manchester peter.knight [at]


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