CFP: Economic Rationalities

12 02 2013

ECORA will host a three-day conference on Economic Rationalities in January 2014.

Regimes of thought and legitimizations of action draw upon systematized authorities of religious, juridical, moral, scientific and increasingly economic reasoning. These authorities interrelate in various ways. They compete to be the prime, societal authority; they supplant each other; they borrow metaphors, concepts, practices; they subvert and change existing languages. To address these interrelations ECORA invites interested scholars to submit paper proposals on the historical study of economic rationality and the struggles for authority between economic reasoning and other claims for knowledge- and practice-authority in Western modernity.

Abstracts must be submitted to one of three parallel streams:

  • The Renaissance
  • The Enlightenment
  • American and Western European Capitalism

We invite scholars with an interest in the history of economic thought to submit a paper proposal. We particularly encourage scholars working with the interrelations between economic, religious and/or scientific reasoning to participate as well as people understanding their work as, or related to, what could called the ‘history of economic thought’, ‘intellectual history of capitalism’, ‘history of economic ideas’, and ‘history of science and science studies’.

Click here for further information.




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