Conference: Finance In Question/Finance In Crisis

21 10 2009

12-14 April 2010, CRESC, University of Manchester

This international conference about finance is distinctive in that it invites analysis by, and encourages debate between, researchers from many disciplines who represent different kinds of political and cultural economy as well as social studies of finance. The emphasis is on finance in question as much as finance in crisis because, well before the onset of crisis in 2007, there were many unresolved issues about the role of finance in present day capitalism. The conference aims to re-examine received ways of understanding finance and to consider what changes to financial arrangement may follow from present strains.

As with other major conferences, there will be multiple themes and an opportunity for academic researchers to present papers and propose sessions. Themes so far proposed include: money, capitalist calculation, market devices and techniques; financial crisis, social relations and trust;  the limits of prescience and the irrelevance of many economic knowledges; finance, restructuring and labour; politics/markets/moralities; states, re-regulation and governance of finance.

There will also be media and practitioner panels and plenary sessions where distinguished academics will be set to answer big questions about what and who is in crisis, why did nobody see it coming and whether more democratic control of finance is possible.

Plenary academics include Michel Aglietta (CEPII), Andrew Gamble ( Cambridge) Donald MacKenzie (Edinburgh), Doreen Massey, Philip  Mirowski (Notre Dame), Onora O’Neill,  Mike Power (LSE),  Saskia Sassen (Columbia) and Wolfgang  Streeck (Max Planck)

Full details here.




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