Capitalism in Crisis: Organizational Perspectives

25 08 2009

Call for Papers

Capitalism in Crisis: organizational perspectives

Deadline for submission: 1 March 2010

The financial crisis, which began in mid 2007 and reached a crescendo in September 2008 with the fall of Lehman Brothers and its immediate aftermath, ushered in a severe period of doubt for those who had expounded the benefits of free market capitalism. Gillian Tett, one of the Financial Times’ most insightful reporters on the crisis wrote on March 10, 2009 that ‘not only is the financial system plagued with losses of a scale nobody foresaw, but the pillars of faith on which this new financial capitalism were built have all but collapsed. That has left everyone from finance minister or central banker to small investor or pension holder bereft of intellectual compass, dazed and confused’. She quotes the head of Merrill Lynch’s Moscow operation as stating that “Our world is broken – and I honestly don’t know what is going to replace it.”

Whilst the dominant system has been weakened, it is clear that there are many efforts in place to rebuild it. The degree and nature of the changes are being debated and fought over by interested parties. The push for radical reform in the aftermath of the immediate crisis may be weakening due to pressure from insiders and supporters of the free market. For the moment, however, there still remains a space in which critical social science can engage and explore more deeply the roots of the crisis, the impact it is making on organizations and the role of different actors in these processes. Many of the potential tools and theoretical resources for such alternatives have already been developed over the last decade –e.g., in theories of financialization, social studies of finance, critical accounting, cultural economy, elite studies, critical management studies, comparative capitalisms, neo-institutionalism.

This Special Issue calls for papers that address this crisis of capitalism from an organizational perspective. We aim to focus particularly on theoretically informed empirical studies oforganizations involved in the crisis.

Full CFP here: Capitalism in Crisis




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